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SuperCard FAQ

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The best way to get information about SuperCard is directly
from the publisher:

IncWell DMG Ltd.
P. O. Box 6761
Chandler, AZ 85246-6761

Sales: 888-647-8388
Other: 530-647-8541



SuperCard has attracted a good number of third-party vendors who
distribute add-on products. Below is a partial list of such
vendors, and is by no means complete. If you know of a company
which sells products of interest to SuperCard developers, please
e-mail the author of this FAQ at the address listed above.

- Fourth World publishes the world's largest collection of
products written specifically for SuperCard, including
XCMDs, XFCNs, and even TRAN resources.

Fourth World
620 Moulton Avenue, Studio 101
Los Angeles, CA 90031-3237

US Tel: 800-288-5825
Intl: 213-225-3717
Fax: 213-225-0716


- DAS Works publishes a number of great products for SuperCard,
including Jovis, a database engine XCMD suite.

DAS Works
250 West 104th Street
Suite 84
New York, NY 10025 USA

Sales: (212) 865-3596
Fax: (212) 663-4503

- Royal Software (formerly Heizer) distributes a variety of
product for both SuperCard and HyperCard, including the
HyperGraph, Print Report and HyperExternals Pro XCMD packages,
and the popular CompileIt! for compiling XCMDs and XFCNs
directly in SuperCard.

Royal Software, Inc.
PO Box 9367
Dayton, OHIO 45409-9367

800.888.7667 USA
937.293.8746 voice
937.293.8745 fax

- YAV Interactive Media
Many freeware and shareware XCMDs for SuperCard,
with many unique externals for creating music.

YAV Interactive Media
Brederodestraat 47
2042 BB Zandvoort
The Netherlands

Voice: +31-23-571-6282
Fax: +31-23-571-6245


As of this writing, several SuperCard-specific books have
been announced, but none have yet been published. All worthwhile
books written for earlier version have since gone out of print,
although there are rumors that at least one of these may get
a second printing. Other companies have announced other training
materials, such as interactive CD-ROM.

For the new user wishing to master SuperTalk, until a SuperCard
specific reference is available, the most authoritative reference
to the HyperTalk language is:

HyperTalk 2.2: The Book
Written by Dan Winkler, Scot Kamins and Jean DeVoto
Published by Addison Welsey
ISBN 0-679-79171-X

Although written for HyperTalk, about 90% of the book is relevant
to SuperTalk and the writing is superb, providing useful examples
and cross-references.


The online world is the place to be in the 90's. Regardless of
the individual product, technical support online, both from vendors
and other users, is as good as it gets. SuperCard is no exception.

The variety of activity revolving around SuperCard online is broad
based and growing. Here's a list of online resources:



A good number of threads relating to SuperCard appear regularly.

Though there are relatively few SuperCard threads in this group,
the topics covered should be of interest to most SuperCard


SuperCard Home Page
The official SuperCard product page from the publisher

Maintained by IncWell DMG

Teach Yourself SuperCard
A good introduction to working with SuperCard

Maintained by Mark Gregory, Macquarie University, Syndey

Rare Software
Home of Tangerine, a popular alternative editor for

Maintained by Bernard LaVie, Rare Software

Fourth World SuperCard Embassy
News, tips, and tools for the SuperCard community

Maintained by Richard Gaskin, Fourth World

Many resources for Mac OS developers, with a strong
emphasis on SuperCard

Maintained by Chilton Webb

University of Sheffield FTP/gopher SuperCard Site
Very substantial collection of SuperCard files

Maintained by: Mark Winter

See also the list Dr. Winter maintains of SC FTP sites:

Great examples of SuperCard, Roadster and Flamethrower
projects, with downloads, tips, and more.

Maintained by Keith Martin, MacUser UK

YAV Interactive Media
Many freeware and shareware XCMDs for SuperCard,
with many unique externals for creating music.

Maintained by Christopher Yavelow <(>

SuperCard User Group Japan (SCUJ) Home Page
Very popular SuperCard site, offered in both
Japanese and English

Maintained my Hisao Oshima


America Online: Keyword "SuperCard"

Probably the most active SuperCard forum in the world,
with a very complete library and thousands of messages
available from six years of postings. The sysop, Mark
Lucas (CATkeeper), has done an excellent job of
maintaining the forum, with a large number of his own
XCMD contributions to the SuperCard SIG Library.

CIS: HyperText Forum (GO MACSCRIPT), SuperCard Section

This Forum is not nearly as strong as AOL's, with a sizable
Library, but a smaller message base due to CIS's policy
of periodically purging older messages from the system.


OneNet: This is a cooperative network of BBSs running FirstClass
server software from SoftArc. With more than a million
readers worldwide, this network has a strong Mac bias
which makes for lively discussion.

SuperCard threads can be found in the HyperCard,
Multimedia and Interactive Media conferences in
this system.

Nifty-Serve: Japanese Sister service modeled after CompuServe. This
is a very active SuperCard community among its 50,000 members.
Includes a "SuperCard Special Laboratory", managed by Hisao
Oshima, associated with the SuperCard Users Japan (SCUJ),
managed by Tohru Ochiai. SuperCard Special Laboratory and
SuperCard Users Japan are both non-profit groups.

Hisao Oshima
Manager of SuperCard Special Laboratory of
NiftyServe Macintosh HyperMedia Forum
Secretary of SuperCard Users Japan (SCUJ)
Faculty of Education /
University of Fukui /

Kaihotsu Shukusha 4-11
1-1206 NishiKaihotsu
Fukui 910 Japan

tel: 0776-23-0500 ext. 2355 fax: 0776-27-8521

SCUJ Home Page: