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About Fourth World Systems


Fourth World has been building software since before the Web was invented. Here the term "New Media" is an oxymoron.

Our first commercial software project was delivered in 1987. Yes, on a floppy disk. A lot's happened since then.

Today Fourth World delivers apps for Mac OS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and the Web. No matter where your audience is, if they have a computing device we can help you reach them.

Our specialty is working with small businesses to build specialized programs for others in their field. Folks come to us with a great idea, we realize it for them in software.

Many of these applications are for vertical or educational markets where the cost of traditional development methods would be prohibitive. Most of our solutions are delivered in high-level languages and tools like JavaScript and LiveCode, allowing us to design and deliver efficient, attractive systems for even modest budgets.

In addition to building desktop and mobile apps we also provide complete Web solutions for our clients, from simple sites for service businesses to e-commerce solutions and even custom search engines. We maintain reseller relationships with a number of hosting services to help our clients find the mix of features they need at a great price. And we work with a variety of artists and designers to find those with the style and processes which best compliment the site's goals.

Whether we're delivering a commercial software product or establishing a Web presence, the details of our work are driven by a passion for usability, with our sights always focused on maximizing our client's return on investment.

Most of our clients have retained us for long-term maintenance and enhancements after we've successfully delivered their project. Several have invited us to assist them in other areas of their businesses as well, including database systems for support, project management solutions, and other workflow enhancements.

We think software is fun. We're here to help businesses deliver some of that fun to their customers.


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