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Could you tell me how to use a database management system with SuperCard?

To use a DBMS with SuperCard you will employ one of several that has an XCMD interface between SuperCard and the actual database engine. There are several of these, some of which support SQL and some of which use their own language. In some cases, the XCMDs actually comprise the database. In other cases they are a communication link between SuperCard and the DBMS backend.

In actually running such a front-end, scripts in the SuperCard Project call the XCMDs and pass the necessary database information, such as a query or an SQL expression, as parameters. The XCMDs perform the necessary function, either passing the information directly to the DBMS backend, or processing the information directly.

Among the DBMS engines that work with SuperCard are:

HyperHIT (DAS Works)
FileFlex (Component Software)
Butler (Everyware Software)
dtf (dtf Software)
PoINK SQL (PoINK Software)

For many applications, simple flat-file data management may do. Fourth World offers an Array XCMD, written by SuperCard Engineer Mark Lucas, which provides true array support and does pretty fast sorts and searches among other things. See the URL for the Fourth World site in the Appendix to this FAQ for details.