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Where can I get info on ResEdit?

There are two authoritative books on ResEdit:

ResEdit Complete by Peter Alley and Carolyn Strange
Published by Addison Wesley ISBN 0-201-55075-X

The best all-around book on ResEdit, with lots of useful info for novices and old-hats alike. Second edition now in print, which covers System 7.

ResEdit Reference by Apple Computer, Inc.
Published by Addison Wesley ISBN 0-201-57767-4 (without disk)
ISBN 0-201-57768-2 (with disk)

This book is as the title says: a reference book, without the sort of examples and supplementary material which makes ResEdit Complete so well suited for beginners. If you use ResEdit regularly and need detailed specs on all the nitty gritty, The ResEdit Reference can be invaluable.