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SuperCard FAQ

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What are the things that need to be taken care of when making a standalone?

A SuperCard standalone is a Macintosh application, and should be a good citizen by adhering to Apple's Human Interface Guidelines, at least as closely as is relevant given the nature of the project.

To do this means at a minimum including three menus, with these items:

Apple Menu
About... <- Opens About dialog

Quit <- Calls "close this window" or other statement to let
the user quit the program. You may also want your
file menu to include "Open", "Print" or other items.

Cut <-- includes the command "cut"
Copy <-- " " "copy"
Paste <-- " " "paste"
Clear <-- " " "clear"

See the menu item scripts in the Runtime Editor for more detailed examples of these kind of scripts. Although the Project Editor installed with SuperCard 3.0 is encrypted and its scripts cannot be opened, the older Runtime Editor from previous versions is included on the CD.

Also, you'll want to double-check your project to make sure that it contains any scripts of externals from the SharedFile that it uses. These can be easily copied within SuperEdit.

Lastly, if your "startup" or "openProject" handler contains the command "editor" to automatically launch the Runtime Editor, you'll need to remove this statement, as the Runtime Editor cannot be used with a standalone. In SuperCard 3.0, these messages are obsolete anyway, and should not be used.

If your standalone uses other projects as documents, you will need to make sure that the creator code of these projects matches the creator code of your standalone, as you specify in Standalone Maker. You can verify or change the creator code of projects with ResEdit, the GetFileInfo and SetFileInfo externals in the Xtend project, or any number of freeware or shareware applications widely available for this purpose.