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How do I prevent the end-user from editing scripts?

You can prevent script editing by setting the global property editScripts to false in the project's openProject handler.

For additional security, you can also prevent another SuperCard user from editing your scripts. First, use Standalone Maker to make a copy of your project into a standalone application. Then open this standalone with SuperEdit (SuperEdit will open standalone whose creator code is "STND"), and select "Project Info" from the Edit menu, and click the "Password" button. This will let you set a password for the project, which will be required the next time it is opened in SuperEdit.

Note: This differs from setting the password of a non-standalone project. Setting the password of any non-standalone project then requires the password whether it is opened by SuperCard or SuperEdit. Setting the password in a standalone only requires it when it is being opened by SuperEdit, and not at runtime.

For the greatest security, SuperCard 2.5 and greater includes the ability to convert scripts into an unreadable format through a process referred to as "tokenization". Within Standalone Maker you can access this option by choosing "Other Options" on the Attributes card of the Standalone Maker settings window, then check the "Secure all scripts" button.