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How can I print a report in SuperCard?

Although SuperCard does not provide HyperCard's built-in reporting facilities, creating reports in SuperCard is relatively simple, and can provide more control over the layout.

This is most commonly done by creating a separate window in the project specifically for printing, with the page size, fields and graphics exactly as you want them.

Once the repost layout is completed, you can write a script to "pour" the data you want into the appropriate fields, and issue a "print card" command to send it off to the printer.

Additional tip: You can also have "graphic placeholders" in your reports, which can change with each report you print, by using a draw rectangle and setting the pictureData to any PICT file, PICT resource, or the clipboard.

What makes this especially useful is that SuperCard allows you to copy any graphic explicitly, from anywhere in a project, by using this syntax: "copy ". Once on the Clipboard, you can set the pictureData of any draw rectangle object to the Clipboard to imbed that image.

Further, SuperCard provides a command to generate PICT files from card images, using "export card to ". Once the PICT file is created, you could import this image into the pictureData of a draw rectangle object which has been locked in position to create a thumbnail of that card. This feature can also be used to implement a "Print to PICT" feature in your project.