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Why do some of my images look distorted when I import them to pictureData?

The ability to store images in a graphic object using the pictureData property is a very powerful feature, but because the images are stored in the object in a manner optimized for flexibility (they may contain both vector images and bitmaps), they may not be optimized for efficient display in the window. To display these images more efficiently, SuperCard makes a copy of the object’s associated picture in an offscreen buffer, and copies this image to the window whenever it needs to draw or update the contents of a card or background. This makes operations such as using the grab command significantly smoother.

But there may be some images which contain vector or other information which do not display properly when rendered into the offscreen buffer, such as some images containing tiled bitmaps. In such cases, setting the object’s dontCacheBits property to “true” will tell SuperCard not to cache the image offscreen, and will instead draw the image onto the card using the information stored in the pictureData property directly, each time an update occurs.

The dontCacheBits property is initially set to “false” for newly-created graphic objects.