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How do I get a masked PICT to stay masked when I import it?

This is a function of the program which created it. A "masked" image is really two copies: One has the ink set to srcBic, to turn all non-white pixels white, and all white pixels are not displayed (transparent). On top of this is a copy of the image rendered with a srcOr ink, so that all of its non-white pixels keep their color, but all white pixels are transparent.

Internally, SuperCard renders all bitmaps with the mask style by drawing these two layers automatically. You can check this by making a bitmap object, copy it and paste it into the Scrapbook, and then copy it back into your SuperCard project - on the way back in, you will have two objects.

Many programs do not preserve masking when they generate PICT files. One way around this is to import the graphic into SuperEdit first, set its ink style to mask, and then run the project. Using the Runtime Editor, change the size of the background to the size you would like the final PICT image to be. Then type this is the Message Box and type Return or Enter:

export card to file "My new PICT"

This SuperTalk statement will render the current card into a newly created PICT file.

Since SuperCard's exported card images retain masking, importing this PICT into the pictureData of a draw rectangle should give the desired effect.