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How do I import a graphic with more than 8 bit?

SuperCard's draw rectangle objects can contain any valid PICT information as their pictureData. This means that you can import a PICT image of any bit depth into SuperCard. Graphics stored as picturedata will display at the current monitor depth.

Since the introduction of version 2.5, SuperCard renders all other card objects, such a polygons, lines, rectangles, and bitmaps, at 8-bits.

Also, you display a PICT image of any bit depth on a card using the FlashPICT XCMD included in SuperCard's Xtend project. This image, unlike a SuperCard object, will be erased the next time the window is updated.

You may also want to take a look at the bufferMode property in the SuperTalk Language Guide. This property determines the bit depth of the offscreen buffer used by SuperCard to render card images, and may be used to affect the way SuperCard draws your pictureData objects.