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How can I avoid the flash that appears when I open a card with a new CLUT?

While the Mac is in 8-bit color mode, there are only 256 colors available. When switching to another color palette, there is an unavoidable moment the colors are wrong for either the previous or new picture, since the operations of switching to a new picture and changing the color palettes cannot happen simultaneously. This is what results in an unsightly flash.

One way to overcome this is to have all of your graphics use the same custom color table. One can do this by using the services of a utility such as "DeBabelizer" to derive a "superclut" from the colors of all the pictures you will be showing.

Another way is to fade the monitor to black, switch to the new picture, and then fade the monitor back up again, thus hiding the unsightly flash.

Another way is to dissolve or transition to a card that is all white or all black, switch color tables, then show the new picture. This does not result in an unsightly flash because the colors "black" and "white" are common to all color palettes.

NOTE: Remember that SuperCard 2.5 and greater allows up to 24-bit color, so if your project will be run on machines which will display at 16 or 24 bits, 'clut's are no longer an issue, as they are specific to 8-bit display.