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SuperCard FAQ

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In a nutshell, what are the advantages of SuperCard over HyperCard?

- Object Graphics

SuperCard's fully-integrated color support is often cited first, but this should not discount the significance of having object graphics in addition to bitmaps. Graphics in SuperCard as implemented as objects, each with their own properties and scripts, which provides a broad range of design options just not possible otherwise.

- Flexible Window Handling

SuperCard also allows multiple windows of any standard Mac style, including modal and movable dialogs. These are included within the project file, making it possible to have a multiple-window application in one file. Window behaviors for different styles are handled automatically by SuperCard, enforcing the modality of dialog styles and making sure that palette style windows are always on top. And because SuperCard supports palette styles directly, it is possible to design a palette window with all the functionality of any other window, without needed to compile the window from a formal language such as C or Pascal.

- Menus

SuperCard implements menus as true objects, with the menu object and each of items having their own scripts and unique properties. In HyperCard, menus are created on the fly from scripts, which usually reside at the stack layer of the hierarchy. SuperCard also provides dialogs for manipulating menu properties interactively.

It is not uncommon for HyperCard developers to run out of space in the stack script, and store additional menu handlers in separate stacks or hidden objects. Every menu item in SuperCard can have its own script up to 32K.

To be fair, there are some advantages to HyperCard's menu scheme, especially when menu item names are likely to change often, as changes to SuperCard menus are recorded to disk with the file. With the SuperTalk property "lockMenus" set to true during extensive menu manipulation, however, the speed difference between the two programs may not be noticeable.