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SuperCard FAQ

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What problems are there, if any, importing HC stacks?

While SuperCard provides fairly thorough support for importing HyperCard stacks, differences between the programs may make some changes necessary.

Most of these differences are covered elsewhere in this document, but in summary they are:

- SuperCard does not support field or report printing, marked
cards, or XWindows. Stacks relying on these will require
changes to scripts and possible redesign.

- SuperCard implements menus as true objects, which differs
from HyperCard's script-based approach. Stacks which use
custom menus will require that these be built as actual
objects in SuperCard.

- Backgrounds in HyperCard are numbered in the order in which
they are created; in SuperCard ,they are numbered in the
order in which they appear in the project. See the section
titled "What are some other differences between HyperCard
and SuperCard?" below for more information.

Also, I have had some cases in which stacks created with HyperCard 2.3 were not imported by SuperEdit correctly - in some cases the backgrounds lost their scripts. This has not been verified by either vendor, however, and the anomaly is sporadic and I have not yet been able to come up with a recipe for replicating it.