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What are the differences between Director and SuperCard?

While the two programs are often used for similar projects, they differ in several key areas.

Director began life as a 2-D animation program, with interactivity through scripting having been added to the product in version 2.0. As a result, Director makes an excellent choice for projects which require heavy animation, especially animation with synchronized sound, but it can be difficult to get true application behavior out of a projector. The Apple menu, for example, does no show any installed Desk Accessories in a Director Projector.

SuperCard was designed from its origin to be tightly integrated with its scripting language, and with the range of interface elements is supports it is better suited for implementing standard application behavior, such as extensive menu control, multiple windows, and significantly more options for manipulating text.

A more extensive comparison between SuperCard and Director can be obtained from Incwell DMG at their address above.