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SuperCard FAQ

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How do I Learn SuperCard?

SuperCard 3.0 ships with completely revised documentation, including one of the largest language guides ever shipped with any scripting program. Also included are several megabytes of examples, and an introductory tutorial. For many users these materials are sufficient for understanding the basics of the product.

But because SuperTalk is such a comprehensive scripting language, additional sources of information may be helpful. As with just about any program, there may be many ways to accomplish a given task, and finding the optimal solution gets easier with experience.

If this is your first experience with a scripting language, you'll definitely want to review Part Four of the SuperCard User Guide, titled "Scripting". The first chapter in this section, "Using SuperTalk", includes an overview of the "life cycle" of a project at runtime, which can be useful to gain a better understanding of how to approach scripting a project from beginning to end. The rest of the section will also prove very useful and is well worth the time.

Perhaps the best way to learn after you've done the tutorial is to just pick a simple project, roll up your sleeves, and simply do it. By starting small, you can see immediate results which will boost your confidence to work on something larger.

With SuperCard you have a capable engine for integrating text, graphics, animation and sound with all the tools you'll need to provide an engaging interface for your user.

You can also draw on the experience of others through online resources. The most popular is the SuperCard Mailing List, and there's also the AOL SuperCard forum (keyword "SuperCard") and the newsgroup. See the Appendix for this FAQ for details on these venues.

And there's also an online tutorial generously created and maintained by Mark Gregory at the Macquarie University in Syndey, Austrailia: