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SuperCard FAQ

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What is SuperCard?

SuperCard is a multimedia authoring system developed and published by Incwell Digital Media Group, Ltd., in Chandler, Arizona. First released in 1989, the product continues to offer features not found in any other tool: multiple windows of any style, support for five types of animation, both bitmap and draw graphics, true list objects, extensive sound handling including PlainTalk(tm), menu objects, and much more.

At the heart of SuperCard is its scripting language, SuperTalk, a superset of the original HyperTalk 1.2.x, with extensive enhancements to take advantage of SuperCard's unique features.

With such a broad feature set, SuperCard has been successfully used to build a wide variety of commercial entertainment software, interactive training materials, kiosks, database front-ends, tutorials, electronic magazines, and a countless number of vertical-market and custom applications.