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Welcome to the SuperCard FAQ


Version 03 4 September, 1998


This FAQ is maintained by Fourth World to help keep both new and potential new users as informed as possible and getting the most out of SuperCard.

This is the third FAQ for SuperCard, culled from questions asked in UseNet newsgroups, the SuperCard SIGs on CompuServe and America Online, and the SuperCard Mailing List. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please send email to the address below. Your input will help make this an ever more valuable document.

Answers assume the current version 3.0.4 unless otherwise indicated, although many answers will apply to earlier versions as well.

Internet addresses in text appear between <>.

NOTE: This is an interim update to the SuperCard FAQ to address some outdated material and for beta testing of the new SuperCard project shell it is available in. With the new SuperCard 3.5 expected to be released in just a few weeks, a new FAQ will follow shortly thereafter. If you have questions you think should be in the SuperCard .3.5 FAQ, please do send 'em along.


We want your comments, suggestions, ideas, typo lists, whatever, for this FAQ. What else should it include? Your input can help ensure that an ever more valuable document is maintained. The FAQ will be updated periodically to include new questions as they come up.

The keeper of this FAQ can be reached via the Internet at:

And via snailmail at:

Richard Gaskin
Fourth World
620 Moulton Avenue, Studio 101
Los Angeles, CA 90031-3237

Telephone: (800) 288-5825 (US)
(323) 225-3717 (International)
Fax: (323) 225-0716

About the Author

Richard Gaskin is founder and president of Fourth World, a Los Angeles based publisher of cross-platform plug-in components for multimedia development, including XCMDs, XFCNs, and DLLs for SuperCard, HyperCard, Director and others.



Mark Lucas, Engineer for SuperCard 3.5
Christopher Watson, Engineer for SuperCard 3.5
Ken Ray, Sons of Thunder Software
Scott Simon, IncWell DMG Ltd.
Keith Shaw, IncWell DMG Ltd.
Mark Hanrek, Information Workshop
Dr. Mark Winter, University of Sheffield
Keith Martin, Associate Editor, MacUser UK
David Coggeshall, Principal, IBComm

A special thanks is due to Peter Fleck, author of the HyperCard FAQ, one of the best and most well-maintained FAQs ever.

Copyright and Distribution

SuperCard FAQ is copyright 1998 Fourth World. All rights reserved worldwide. You are encouraged to distribute the SuperCard FAQ in any manner, including in printed form, electronically on the Web, or in any other manner you choose, provided that it is not sold or otherwise used for commercial gain (the SuperCard FAQ is a free document and must stay that way), and that it is not modified in any way (for version control reasons we prefer to incorporate changes directly into the main document so others can benefit as well). If you need to distribute the SuperCard FAQ as part of a commercial product and/or in a modified form, permission may be granted in writing by contacting the author at .


Fourth World will not be responsible for any liabilities and or damages of any kind which may occur from the use or misuse of information contained in this document.


SuperCard and SuperTalk are registered trademarks of IncWell DMG, LTD. Apple, AppleScript, HyperCard and HyperTalk are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.