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SuperCard FAQ Version 3.0

The SuperCard FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document has been updated for SuperCard 3.0, availble on the Web and downloadable in three formats.

View the SuperCard FAQ 3.0 on the Web


Download the SuperCard FAQ in any of these formats:

Plain Text (49k)
This is just plain ASCII text, with no formatting. This is the same format the previous versions of the SuperCard FAQ were delivered in.

SuperCard Project (117k)
This is a SuperCard 3.0 project with all the contents of the text version, plus searching and exporting features. If you have SuperCard, this is the one you want.

HTML Pages (167k)
This is the result of the HTML Export function in the SuperCard project version, just simple HTML output made available here for anyone who would like this format but doesn't have SuperCard to run the project version.