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Introducing Sophie

a different e-book reader

Update: Sophie 1.02 released

Sophie was updated on 3-30-05 to version 1.02a. (The previous version uploaded here was 1.01 not 1.1). If you are using an earlier Mac version or you experience problems opening the "About Sophie" ebook please upgrade.

What is Sophie?

Sophie is a new kind of e-book reader software. Created by two guys who don't even have a garage, Sophie serves as a proof-of-concept for a simpler way to produce electronic books.

Putting the Author First

Most e-book readers are encumbered with a desire to mimic the format of the printed page, with the majority of development resources spent on constraining content to a page-centric format.

But the restrictions of the printed page rarely have anything to do with an author's intentions or the conceptual flow of a written work. An author uses chapters, sections, and other means to define breaks in a work. Pages are an arbitrary limitation of the printing process usually unrelated to the writing itself.

Sophie is author-centric. It uses only those breaks provided by the author, presenting a section in a scrolling field, maintaining a flow in reading that more closely matches the flow of the writing. Free of the constraints of emulating a printed page, the only sectional breaks in Sophie's e-books are those the author intended.

Useful Reading Tools

Who hasn't jotted notes in the margins of a favorite book? Sophie lets you annotate as well but with much more flexibility. You can create Notebooks to cite passages and write your own annotations. And because Notebooks are stored separately from e-books you can easily trade Notebook files with friends or students.

Sophie also has a useful Search tool that lets conveniently navigate among found selections.

And of course Sophie can place a bookmark when you close a book so you can return there next time you open it.

Publishing Made Simple

Sophie e-books use a simple XML format that's far easier to work with than the proprietary formats required by most e-book software. Using a subset of HTML for text styling, links, and images, it allows nearly anyone with just a basic knowledge of HTML to publish e-books optimized for Sophie and viewable on the Web as well.

Free! Grab it now...

Simple, Useful, Fun...

If monks had computers...

Sophie's journey...

System Requirements

OS X 10.1 or greater
Mac OS 8.6 or greater
Windows 95/98 or
Windows NT/2000
(in development)