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Internet application and service for Revolution and MetaCard developers.

RevNet serves as proof-of-concept for the relative ease of building Internet applications with the Runtime Revolution. The system uses the MetaCard engine for both client and server-side operations.

Since the content is aimed at developers using Revolution and MetaCard, the client is simply a small plug-in file that can be run within either development system. The plug-in downloads the content windws from one of our servers using simple HTTP, and provides script libraries and resources used by the downloaded content windows, keeping the content transfers to a minimum. Transmission time is further reduced by compressing files with gzip, decompressed on the fly by the client.

The server provides CGI support for the system, updating the content on the fly based on user submissions. The client communicates with the server using standard POST commands, with most of the communication scripted in under an hour.

The Go RevNet plug-in is available for download at the Revolution Embassy.