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Case Studies


GoLive 5 Bible

Technical edit for Deborah Shadovitz' comprehensive book,
for Hungry Minds Publishing (formerly IDG Books)

This was quite a challenge: the time-to-market for computer books is a critical element in a book's success, which sometimes means that features are being documented by third-party authors while the software is still undergoing change.

While doing our technical edit with the author we were also Beta testing GoLive 5, making changes to the book as new Betas were released. It was much more challenging that documenting a completed software, and it still amazes me that Deborah was able to cover just about every feature in GoLive 5 during this process.

The GoLive 5 Bible is possibly the most comprehensive book yet on Adobe's great Web authoring program, and we are very proud to have contributed to that monumental effort.