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SuperCard Language Guide

Documentation for a rich multimedia scripting language for Mac OS.

SuperCard is a Mac OS multimedia authoring tool used to build a wide range of award-winning programs, from NASA's Mars Mission CD-ROM to the A.D.A.M. medical anatomy tutorial.

With a rich feature set which is fully scriptable, the publisher made a commitment with version 2.5 to deliver some of the most comprehensive documentation ever delivered for any multimedia product in its class.

We contributed about 30% of the thousand-page Script Language Guide that first shipped with SuperCard 2.5, and continues in the product today, along with some sections of the SuperCard User Manual. To give you an idea of the scope of the project, the Script Language Guide alone is thicker than all of the documentation that ships with Macromedia Director combined.

SuperCard 2.5 went on to win the Mac Eddy award for Best New Multimedia Authoring Program. The "excellent documentation" was cited specifically as one of the key advantages of the product in Jim Heid's review of SuperCard in MacWorld magazine.