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Runtime Revolution Tutorials

Six-part tutorials introducing the user to this powerful new authoring system.
For Runtime Revolution, Ltd.

Runtime Revolution is a new multimedia authoring tool from Runtime Revolution Ltd. The tool provides an amazing array of features to make multimedia programming accessible to the masses. Our job was to provide an introduction to the tool and its scripting language in a series of tutorials.

When we started the project, the tool was still very much in development. We knew we'd be making a lot of changes to our tutorial content as the product features became more refined.

Before we started writing, we first used Runtime Revolution to build a tool which creates the tutorial windows and controls automatically from text files. These text files contains special tags which provide instructions our tool uses to create interface elements on the fly.

This approach allowed us to focus on the content, writing in outline style to identify learning objectives, and then expand on each topic as we went. When we delivered versions for review and user testing, we had a one-click solution to build the tutorial series software in seconds.

It was a pleasure to work with Fourth World on the tutorials for our Revolution development system. The work was expertly produced to a high standard.

Kevin Miller
President, Runtime Revolution, Ltd.