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Web design, hosting, search engine indexing
for Spectrum Geophysics

Spectrum originally hired us just to host their site. When it came time to strengthen their commitment to their Web presence, they called on us to help with the redesign as well.

The primary objective was to improve their listing at search engine sites like Yahoo and Google. But before we generated the new traffic, we wanted to make the site more contemporary and visually interesting.

Since the firm specializes in locating underground objects, we put the site "underground": we made a navigation panel at the top with a sky look, in which the main menu is just below what looks like ground level. The content of the site is all underground, beneath the main menu. We photographed the crew with their equipment against a bluescreen, and then matted them into the final composition, adding a little fun to the design while visually reinforcing the company's range of services.

While we were placing the site's content into the new motif, we also added special tags to the HTML to allow us to use automated processes for site-wide modifications should we need them. At any time we can make a template page containing common elements and our custom tool takes care of distributing the code between our tags throughout the site.

Once we updated the site, we could focus on the core task: driving traffic to it.

When we had started, Spectrum Geophysics was rarely on the first page of search results at any of the top ten search engines when searching for the term "utility location". For Spectrum's clients, that's the first thing they search for when looking for a service like this. In some cases, Spectrum Geophysics was listed several pages down, if at all.

Within the first few weeks after we revised the site content and resubmitted it, Spectrum Geophysics moved up to the front page at most of the major search engines sites.

"We at Spectrum Geophysics switched to Fourth World because we were tired of getting sub-par service from Earthlink. Fourth World responds when we need them with the knowledge to cover any of our needs."

Stephen Bagadinski
Spectrum Geophysics