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TranceForms 3: Pacific Motion

Web hosting and QTVR media

Even though we're a small corporation, we still manage to donate 10% of our time to not-for-profit groups. One of the recipients of this year's allotment was TranceForms, an arts organization headed by Baruch Inbar which creates experiential art events which place art installations and electronic music in natural settings. The first of these events was an event in the Angeles-Crest forest, and the second in the desert near the Calico ghost town. The third took place just before the summer solstice 2000, at Leo Carillo beach north of Los Angeles.

We donated Web hosting to TranceForms, and as we got to know more about their project we offered to take some QTVR panoramas of the art installations as well. Taken at midnight, these panoramas capture the colors and shapes which surrounded participants during the event. There are five panoramas, linked together through hotspots within an HTML frame set.