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Case Studies


Web hosting and design for the award-winning producers of Law & Order.

We were hired to do a makeover of the site. The original site (show below as "Before") had a lot of unused space and a lot more clutter. Wolf Films wanted something more reflective of the excellence that shows in their work, producing such shows as Law & Order, Special Victims Unit, and others.


This project was what we call an "SOS": "Save Our Site".

With an SOS the goal is to improve an organization's Web presence as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, with larger enhancements and new content going into a later phase.


The new design presents the same set of options, but in a much more inviting design. The makeover was also more well-suited for maintenance, having set it up to use automation tools for adding new content as needed.

Working with one of the designers we use, Tiffany Hope, we created a fresh new look, and established an architecture for the site which will make it easy to update with fresh content.

The client was so pleased with the site they sent us a bonus. We'd like to show it to you, but it'll have to wait: changes to their programming lineup have delayed the site's launch. As soon as it launches we'll include links here.