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SCX and other SuperCard Tools

Aftermarket developer tools

Our first product line was released in 1994 when we first opened shop as Fourth World. We sold a toolkit called SCAuthor, which provided more than four dozen convenient tools for SuperCard, an award-winning multimedia authoring tool for Mac OS.

SCX is a collection of object code components (XCMDs and XFCNs) which add new capabilities for SuperCard, and many of them are also compatible with HyperCard, OMO, and other tools which support the XCMD 1.0 interface.

The product design is simple enough, but include a few niceties, such as being able to click on the syntax example to copy it to the clipboard, an installer that will install these resources into any Mac file, and convenient online help.

The design attracted the attention of SuperCard's publisher, who licensed it and hired us to make a custom version for their own components library, called XTend, which they include with the SuperCard package.