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Case Studies


Maze Learner

Mac OS application built with SuperCard

Shortly after SuperCard was released, I wanted to cut my teeth on it with something meaty. I had been reading the Artificial Life series edit by Christopher Langton at the Santa Fe Institute, and thought I'd try my hand at a simple exercise in adaptive systems. What I cam up with was a very rudimentary model of a "learning" system, in which a "cat" object navigates its way through a maze.

The maze can be established by the user, or can be generated at random by the program. As the cat works its way through the maze, it "remembers" where it's been, taking note of those paths which lead to dead-ends, and eventually learns the optimal path through the maze.

While not especially complex, it served as a good example of using stack structures to mimic aspects of memory and learning. Most importantly, it was fun to do, and got me introduced to SuperCard quickly.

Building on these ideas further, one of our back-burner projects is another example application modelling more complex behaviors, this time to construct simple stories. Hopefully we'll be able to add that here in the coming months.