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What is affected when a project is locked?

A SuperCard project may be considered "locked" when any of the following conditions are met: The "cantModify" propery of the project is set to true, the project has the Locked flag check from the Get Info window in the Finder, or if it is running from a locked volume such as a CD-ROM.

Without the ability to save changes to itself when locked, a locked project is affected in the following ways:

1. No card paste
2. No card delete
3. No window delete
4. No modified changes of any kind written out.
5. No menu delete
6. No compacting
7. No "new" anything except project
8. No set name of anything
9. No sorting
10. No autoloading of Apple resources into star resources.
11. No adding star resources in XCMDs
12. No deleting star resources in XCMDs
13. No modifying star resources in XCMDs

In most cases, trying to perform any actions which may encounter the above circumstances will be ignored, and the result will contain a message stating that the project is locked.