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Is SuperCard faster than HyperCard?

When comparing colorized HyperCard stacks with an equivalent SuperCard project, tasks involving updates to the screen are often significantly faster in SuperCard.

However, HyperCard uses a fairly intelligent scheme in which an optimized tokenization of a previously run script in cached in memory, so that if it is still in RAM the next time it is called, the speed increase in executing the script can be quite noticeable.

In short, which one is faster will depends upon the nature of the project. If it spends most of its time churning on a script it may be faster in HyperCard, but if it is in color and graphically rich it will probably be faster in SuperCard.

If you really need to test this for yourself, the Fourth World web site has benchmarking utilities for SuperCard, HyperCard, and MetaCard. The Fourth World FTP site is located at .