4W WebMerge Tag Reference


[WM-Wiki: fieldOrFileName]

[WM-Wiki: wiki_field]


The [WM-Wiki] tag is replaced by the contents of the specified field, expanded from shorthand "wiki" syntax to full HTML according to the rules specified below.

"Wiki" is Hawaiian for "quick", and the term has become popular in computing to refer to a way of using shorthand syntax for creating web pages. For example, a standard HTML link to the Fourth World web site looks like:

 <a href="http://www.fourthworld.com">http://www.fourthworld.com</a>

But using wiki syntax you can have a database field that contains simply:


Or if you want to link to a book at Amazon.com like this:

 <a href="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/155860569X/fourthworld/">
  Buy This Book</a>

...you could just write:

 [Buy This Book > ISBN:0670058874]

You get the idea: the goal here is to provide a way that you can type simple shorthand to make parts of pages rather than cumbersome HTML. In a publishing workflow using WebMerge, you can author content by entering wiki content into your database and let WebMerge generate and post your pages from that.

Wiki syntax is very different from HTML, and while it's usually much simpler there is no standard among wiki tools. The wiki syntax WebMerge uses borrows from a number of different wiki systems, with the goal of choosing the shortest and easiest to remember.


To create a link to a resource, such as another web page, just put the full URL between brackets:


This wil generate the URL pretty much as shown:

 <a href="http://wwww.mysite.com">http://www.mysite.com</a><br>
 <a href="mailto:me@mysite.com">mailto:me@mysite.com</a><br>
 <a href="ftp://somesite.ftp">ftp://somesite.ftp</a>

If you want the link label to be any text other than the URL itself, just put the label text before the URL, separated with ">" like this:

 [Click Here! > http://wwww.mysite.com]

...which will generate:

 <a href="http://wwww.mysite.com">Click Here!</a>

Emphasis: Bold and Italic

To make text bold just enclose the text between "*" characters, so that this:

 An Example of *BOLD* text

...will generate this:

 An Example of <b>BOLD</b> text

To make text italic just enclose the text between "_" characters, so that this:

 An Example of _ITALIC_ text

...will generate this:

 An Example of <i>ITALIC</i> text

Referring to Books

You can quickly link to any book in Amazon's catalog by just providing its ISBN number, where this:


...will generate this:

 <a href="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0670058874/fourthworld/">

Note the "/fourthworld/" part of the URL -- that's an ID for Fourth World's membership in Amazon's affiliate program. If you have your own Amazon ID you can add it to your wiki tag after the ISBN, separated by a slash like this:


By default simply having the ISBN will generated a very simple book citation as noted above. But you can customize the label as with other links, by putting the label text before the ISBN number, sperated by ">":

 [My Book > ISBN:0670058874]


The WM-Wiki tag provides a simple way to implemented the two most popular list types: bullets and numbers.

To create a bullet list item, start a line with a Hyphen ("-") character.
To create a numbered list item, start a line with a number sign ("#") character.

With these rules, this:

  #Step one
  #Step two
  #Step three

  -bullet 1
  -bullet 2
  -bullet 3

...generates this:

  <li type="1">Step one
  <li type="1">Step two
  <li type="1"> Step three
  <li type="disc">bullet 1
  <li type="disc">bullet 2
  <li type="disc">bullet 3

Header Styles

Lines that start with an exclamation mark ("!") character are treated as headings. A single exclamation mark generates as H3, with two generating larger as H2 and three generating even larger as H1, so that this:

  !Small Header
  !!Bigger Header
  !!!Biggest Header

...generates this:

  <h3>Small Header</h3>
  <h2>Bigger Header</h2>
  <h1>Biggest Header</h1>

Horizontal Rule

To add a horizontal rule across you page just start any line of text in your wiki data with four hyphens ("----").

Adding your own HTML

The WM-Wiki formatting rules will not be applied to anything between <html> tags, so you can add your own HTML in the middle of wiki data:

 [Mail Me! > mailto:me@mysite.com]
 <pre><img src="MyPic.jpg"></pre>
 [My favorite book > ISBN:1234567869]

[http://www.mysite.com] [mailto:support@fourthworld.com]

The WM-Wiki tag was first introduced in version 2.4.