4W WebMerge Tag Reference


[WM-LinkLast] Link Label [/WM-LinkLast]

[WM-LinkLast]Go to Last Record[/WM-LinkLast]

This tag is used only in detail templates.

The HTML between [WM-LinkLast] and [/WM-LinkLast] is replaced with a link to the page generated from the last record in the export file.

If the current page is being generated from the last record, the text between the opening and closing tags is not written to the generated page.

Used in conjunction with WM-LinkPrevious, WM-LinkNext, and WM-LinkFirst you can easily build page-to-page navigation into your detail pages.

All navigation tags allow you to include attributes in the tag which will be included in the generated link. For example, to specify a target in a navigation tag you'd write:

   [WM-LinkLast: target="_blank"]Last Page[/WM-LinkLast]

...which would generate:

   <a href="page024.html" target="_blank">Last Page</a>

Introduced in version 2.0.
Version 2.2 introduced support for link attributes.