4W WebMerge Tag Reference


[WM-LinkIndex] Link Label [/WM-LinkIndex]

[WM-LinkIndex] Back to List [/WM-LinkIndex]


This tag is only used in detail templates.

The HTML between [WM-LinkIndex] and [/WM-LinkIndex] is replaced with a link to the index page that links to the page being generated.

If no index pages are being generated, this tag is ignored.

All navigation tags allow you to include attributes in the tag which will be included in the generated link. For example, to specify a target in a navigation tag you'd write:

   [WM-LinkIndex: target="_blank"]Index Page[/WM-LinkIndex]

...which would generate:

   <a href="index.html" target="_blank">Index Page</a>

Introduced in version 2.0.
Version 2.2 introduced support for link attributes.