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[WM-Gendate short]

[WM-Gendate long]

[WM-Gendate abbreviated]

[WM-Gendate internet]

[WM-Gendate system]					

This page was updated on [WM-GenDate short system].

[WM-GenDate] inserts the current date. By default it uses MM/DD/YY, but other formats can be specified with these attributes:

Attribute Example Result
short 12/25/02
long Wednesday, December 25, 2003
(can also be "abbrev" or "abbr")
Wed. Dec 25, 2003
internet Wed, 25 Dec 2003 23:44:37 -0800

The system attribute can be used in conjunction with any of the above to generated the date in the format specified on your system at the time your pages are generated:

   [WM-GenDate long system]

Without the system attribute WebMerge will use the US formats shown above.

Introduced in version 2.1.