4W WebMerge Technical Support

All WebMerge users can access our support page for WebMerge, located at:


Registered users are eligible for personal support via email and telephone for one year from data of purchase.

If you need technical assistance, send an email to support@fourthworld.com, or use the WebMerge Feedback Form from our Web site.

When submitting a technical support question, please note the following information in your email:

The more complete your information, the better we are able to address your question quickly and completely.

For your convenience, you can get a complete list of current system info by choosing "System Info..." from WebMerge's Help menu. A button in WebMerge's System Info window lets you quickly copy that info so you can paste it into your email.

WebMerge FAQ

We maintain a list if frequently-asked questions (with answers of course) at the Fourth World Web site. This list is updated often, so if you have a question it's worth checking there first.

The WebMerge FAQ is available at:


If you have a question not addressed there, drop us a note at webmerge@fourthworld.com or use the WebMerge Feedback Form.

New Versions of WebMerge

WebMerge is updated frequently, on the average of about every other month. Updates include bug fixes and new features, so you may want to check out the WebMerge Download Page for the very latest. Most updates are free to registered users, and you will be able to use your current license code in newly-downloaded versions.

The WebMerge Download Page is located at: