Why Use 4W WebMerge?

Microsoft Access, FileMaker Pro, and other popular database tools offer great options for publishing your data on the Web. But those solutions require having the database serve the pages in real time, requiring specialized hosting services which can be expensive to set up and maintain.

It would be much easier if you could simply publish static Web pages from your database. With standard HTML pages you could publish your data on any Web server in the world, with no need for live database hosting.

Of course, you could do this by hand, and for a small number of records copying and pasting into your Web pages may work well enough. But once you get to 100 or more records you might want to think twice about the value of your time. That's where WebMerge comes in.

4W WebMerge lets you export your database records to a text file, and for each record in that file it makes a copy of a template page, replacing tags in the template with data from each record. WebMerge can do in seconds what would take hours or even days to do by hand. The Web pages WebMerge generates are just standard HTML - they can be uploaded to any server, even AOL.

If you need dynamic content customized for each visitor, or if you have thousands of records which would be prohibitive to upload to a server, you're probably better off looking into a dedicated database server solution. But for just about everything else, publishing static database content on the Web with WebMerge is about as easy and affordable as it can get.

In summary: