It may be possible to have data in your database, or perhaps even names of fields in your database, which may cause unexpected behavior in WebMerge. We tested WebMerge on a variety of data files with a good many different system configurations. Just the same, some people have weird data, sometimes too weird for us to have anticipated.

We know of one case which is not likely to occur, but in the interest of completeness we'll include it here:

If you have data in a field in your database which contains quote-comma-quote, WebMerge may get confused about where data from one field ends and the next begins. This pattern shouldn't occur normally, so you'll probably never encounter it unless there's something odd with your data to begin with. This isn't likely to occur in the real world, but there's the caveat just the same.

Aside from this one possible anomaly, we have not come across any other files generated by popular database systems in Merge format which WebMerge couldn't handle. If you do, please let us know.

Should you come across an example of an exported Merge file that does not work as expected with WebMerge, please send it to us in an email with your template HTML file and a description of the problem. We can't guarantee a fix for all cases, but we'll certainly do our best to issue updates for those we can.

Please send all support inquiries to In most cases it's very helpful if you attach your source file and templates, to help us reproduce the problem here. Issues that can be reproduced in our office can usually be resolved very quickly.

We look forward to providing you with the highest quality tools we can.