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Ideally this database should be updated with newer information reflecting the changes from the 2002 elections. Unfortunately I couldn't find one.

If you have a complete delimited file with the new listings for the 108th Congress please email it to


Congress Member


TN07 Ed Bryant
TN08 John S. Tanner
TN09 Harold E. Ford, Jr.
TNJR Bill Frist
TNSR Fred Thompson


TX01 Max Sandlin
TX02 Jim Turner
TX03 Sam Johnson
TX04 Ralph M. Hall
TX05 Pete Sessions
TX06 Joe Barton
TX07 John A. Culberson
TX08 Kevin Brady
TX09 Nick Lampson
TX10 Lloyd Doggett
TX11 Chet Edwards
TX12 Kay Granger
TX13 William M. ``Mac'' Thornberry
TX14 Ron Paul
TX15 Ruben Hinojosa
TX16 Silvestre Reyes
TX17 Charles W. Stenholm
TX18 Sheila Jackson-Lee
TX19 Larry Combest
TX20 Charlie A. Gonzalez
TX21 Lamar S. Smith
TX22 Tom DeLay
TX23 Henry Bonilla
TX24 Martin Frost
TX25 Ken Bentsen
TX26 Richard K. Armey
TX27 Solomon P. Ortiz


TX28 Ciro D. Rodriguez


TX29 Gene Green
TX30 Eddie Bernice Johnson
TXJR Kay Bailey Hutchison
TXSR Phil Gramm


UT01 James V. Hansen
UT02 James D. Matheson
UT03 Chris Cannon
UTJR Robert Bennett
UTSR Orrin Hatch


VA01 Jo Ann S. Davis
VA02 Edward L. Schrock
VA03 Robert C. Scott
VA04 Norman Sisisky
VA05 Virgil H. Goode, Jr.
VA06 Bob Goodlatte
VA07 Eric I. Cantor
VA08 James P. Moran

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