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This example makes use of many WebMerge tags, such as the WM-Include tag used to insert this text from a plain text file into this table cell.

Ideally this database should be updated with newer information reflecting the changes from the 2002 elections. Unfortunately I couldn't find one.

If you have a complete delimited file with the new listings for the 108th Congress please email it to


Congress Member

New York

NYJR Hillary Rodham Clinton
NYSR Charles Schumer

North Carolina

NC01 Eva M. Clayton
NC02 Bob Etheridge
NC03 Walter B. Jones, Jr.
NC04 David E. Price
NC05 Richard Burr
NC06 Howard Coble
NC07 Mike McIntyre
NC08 Robert (Robin) Hayes
NC09 Sue Myrick
NC10 Cass Ballenger
NC11 Charles H. Taylor
NC12 Melvin L. Watt
NCJR John Edwards
NCSR Jesse Helms

North Dakota

ND00 Earl Pomeroy
NDJR Byron Dorgan
NDSR Kent Conrad


OH01 Steve Chabot
OH02 Rob Portman
OH03 Tony P. Hall
OH04 Michael G. Oxley
OH05 Paul E. Gillmor
OH06 Ted Strickland
OH07 David L. Hobson
OH08 John A. Boehner
OH09 Marcy Kaptur
OH10 Dennis J. Kucinich
OH11 Stephanie Tubbs Jones
OH12 Patrick J. Tiberi
OH13 Sherrod Brown
OH14 Thomas C. Sawyer
OH15 Deborah Pryce
OH16 Ralph Regula
OH17 James A. Traficant, Jr.
OH18 Robert W. Ney
OH19 Steven C. LaTourette
OHJR George Victor Voinovich
OHSR Mike DeWine


OK01 Steve Largent
OK02 Brad Carson
OK03 Wes Watkins
OK04 J. C. Watts, Jr.
OK05 Ernest J. Istook, Jr.
OK06 Frank D. Lucas
OKJR James Inhofe
OKSR Don Nickles


OR01 David Wu
OR02 Greg Walden

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