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Ideally this database should be updated with newer information reflecting the changes from the 2002 elections. Unfortunately I couldn't find one.

If you have a complete delimited file with the new listings for the 108th Congress please email it to


Congress Member


MI14 John Conyers, Jr.
MI15 Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick
MI16 John D. Dingell
MIJR Debbie A. Stabenow
MISR Carl Levin


MN01 Gil Gutknecht
MN02 Mark Kennedy
MN03 Jim Ramstad
MN04 Betty McCollum
MN05 Martin Olav Sabo
MN06 Bill Luther
MN07 Collin C. Peterson
MN08 James L. Oberstar
MNJR Mark Dayton
MNSR Paul David Wellstone


MS01 Roger F. Wicker
MS02 Bennie G. Thompson
MS03 Charles W. ``Chip'' Pickering
MS04 Ronnie Shows
MS05 Gene Taylor
MSJR Trent Lott
MSSR Thad Cochran


MO01 William (Bill) Clay
MO02 Todd Akin
MO03 Richard A. Gephardt
MO04 Ike Skelton
MO05 Karen McCarthy
MO06 Samuel B. Graves
MO07 Roy Blunt
MO08 Jo Ann Emerson
MO09 Kenny C. Hulshof
MOJR Jean Carnahan
MOSR Christopher "Kit" Bond


MT00 Dennis Rehberg
MTJR Conrad Burns
MTSR Max Baucus


NE01 Doug Bereuter
NE02 Lee Terry
NE03 Thomas W. Osborne
NEJR Ben Nelson
NESR Chuck Hagel


NV01 Shelley Berkley
NV02 Jim Gibbons
NVJR John Ensign
NVSR Harry Reid

New Hampshire

NH01 John E. Sununu
NH02 Charles F. Bass
NHJR Judd Gregg
NHSR Robert Smith

New Jersey

NJ01 Robert E. Andrews

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