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 devolution - a toolkit for runtime revolution developers

devolution is my personal toolkit.

Since 1997 I've been building and refining tools for developing in MetaCard and more recently in Runtime Revolution. I've shared these with friends and clients, and various forms of some of these have been available in RevNet over the years. devolution puts these in one convenient package, and makes it easier for me to keep my clients up to date.

You are welcome to use devolution for free. If you'd like a year of technical support and a limited license for the source code that's available with a $99 annual subscription.

devolution saves me and my clients a good deal of time year after year, but I don't pretend it's any sort of "ultimate toolkit" or even a complete IDE. It's just a collection of conveniences I use to help me get through the day, and it tends to follow my personal preferences more than any HIG's design edicts. Use what works for you, ignore what doesn't.

Happy scripting!

    Richard Gaskin
    devolved geek

Download it for free now!

devolution is free to use.
You can get a limited license for the source and a year of technical support for $99

Tools in the collection

Technical support information for registered users.


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