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web publishing software

"...easy, low-cost Web publishing software to create a database-derived site that doesn't require any complex Web database infrastructure."
- MacWorld Magazine

WebMerge - web publishing software

WebMerge lets you export your data to HTML, generating static Web pages from database files. Build catalogs, affiliate marketing sites, contact lists, image galleries and more, quickly and easily.

WebMerge is the Web publishing software that works with nearly any database or spreadsheet data, including FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Access, AppleWorks, and Excel. Generated pages can be hosted on any Web server without the need for costly and complicated database hosting.

With this latest version we've made WebMerge even faster and easier to use than ever before.

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MacWorld review for Web publishing software

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New WebMerge Coming!

WebMerge 2.7 is in development now with release anticipated in the first quarter of 2016.

The new version incorporates deep revisions throughout the application for improved performance and compatibility on all supported platforms.

Version 2.7 will be another free upgrade for all current WebMerge customers, and its new foundation paves the way for v3.0 coming later in the year.

Got a feature suggestion for these version? Drop us a note.

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UbuCon is back at the SoCal Linux Expo and bigger than ever: January 21 and 22 is the first UbuCon Summit.

This expanded Summit format not only spans two full days of Ubuntu goodness, but also has two tracks: one for users to learn how to get the most out of Ubuntu, and one for app developers to make the Ubuntu experience even better.